Importanne Ltd is one of the leading private companies in Croatia and has occupied that position for 20 years. Our primary activity is construction engineering; a field where we have had our share of success. Some proofs of this success are Importanne Centar and Importanne Galleria, first and leading shopping centers in Zagreb, Importanne Hotels & Resort Dubrovnik, a chain of luxury hotels (Hotel Neptun, Hotel Ariston, Royal Palm Hotel and Royal Princess Hotel) and Villa Elita, the most elite tourist building in Dubrovnik area.

Our goal is to expand and our strategy consists of considerate investment, construction building and founding strong companies throughout entire territory of Croatia.

Our team of experts is the heart of our company, constantly planning new strategies and launching new investment plans and projects.

About us

Importanne Ltd for construction engineering, design, commerce, tourism and services
Trg Drage Iblera 10

Board members:
Ciril Zovko, board president
Dennis Zovko, board member
Marija Opić, board member
Vesna Marijan, board member

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